Community Guidelines


We’re passionate about connecting people ready to work with people who need work done. As Herotasker continues to grow it’s important that the community follows guidelines that reflect our values and standards of behaviour. We work hard to enforce these guidelines so that we can maintain our authenticity and transparency, so that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Herotasker is here to help facilitate a reliable, safe and successful environment and is here to help resolve issues should they arise. In return, we ask for your cooperation and timely response to the Herotasker team. If you suspect a member has violated any Community Guidelines, please report it to Herotasker ASAP. Use the Report as Inappropriate feature located within the task or comments section, or go to Contact Us.

This document will continue to change as we grow and continue to think about what’s best for the Herotasker community.

1. Publicly sharing private information

To maintain the integrity and authenticity of Herotasker, our members can only share private contact information once an offer is accepted via private messages.

To protect your safety and security, private contact details or 3rd party links are not allowed to be shared in any public areas of the site including any comments and attachments. This includes business websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, personal emails, phone numbers, addresses or personal websites.

2. Unacceptable behaviours

Community is at the heart of what we do at Herotasker. Courtesy, mutual respect and seeing things from another person’s perspective is essential. At Herotasker, we do not tolerate the following negative behaviours, any of which will result in your content being removed and/or your account being suspended:

  • 2.1 Hatred or violence
  • 2.2 Discrimination
  • 2.3 Harassment
  • 2.4 Illegal behaviours
  • 2.5 Trolling
3. Unsupported practices

At Herotasker, we’re committed to bringing communities together however this requires your support and cooperation. We do not support the following activities within our Herotasker community, as it jeopardises the creation of a fair, transparent and trustworthy environment, which we highly value.

  • 3.1 Fraudulent Herotasker reviews
  • 3.2 Artificially improving public profile
  • 3.3 Discussion forum
  • 3.4 Harvesting member information
  • 3.5 Lead generation
4. Pricing and payments

To ensure a safe and rewarding environment for all members of the Herotasker community, it’s important to understand how pricing and payments work.

  • 4.1 Offer prices

    • Offers placed must be totalled to the full amount per task. Offers must not be hourly, unit or quote based. Partial quotes mentioning further negotiation of prices off the platform are also not supported.
  • 4.2 Herotasker Pay

    • Cash payments are not supported on the Herotasker platform. To ensure that you get paid for a task our Herotasker Pay system securely holds the task funds until you mark the task as complete.
  • 4.3 Accurate banking details

    • To ensure seamless transition of funds, please ensure your banking details are up to date in your Payment Settings.